the story of a walk

on 31 January, 2013

at low tide, the rocks create little tide pools in the ocean.. as pretty as the wading pools in the grass today. as you've probably figured, the sitout's a great place for scenic-scapes - tide pools in front of you, wading pools behind! flocks of gulls perch at the line of water unruffled.. to their right is the Afghan church, its steeple like a spinal cord arching for the sun.. there's plenty of pink in the background.. most likely fall colours of the Indian almond tree.

City Farming Gurus in Mumbai

on 28 January, 2013

City farming can greatly reduce the burden of kitchen waste through compost. Greater Mumbai generates about 6000 tonnes of garbage per day, of which only 3-4% is composted. As our landfills choke with filth, one wonders, “Why not compost biodegradable garbage at a local level, rather than burdening the civic system?”

Dropping Support for Vendor Prefixes

on 14 January, 2013

If you’re using CSS3 properties for graceful degradation, it’s probably fine to drop vendor-prefix support for certain properties. It’s best to educate clients about future maintenance woes and why it’s absolutely fine if Firefox 3.6 users will see square corners and no shadows, as long as you’re not breaking the site's layout.

Code Resolutions for the New Year

on 1 January, 2013

Clean up your CSS at the source. Write appropriate classes and group selectors well. Let go of unnecessary vendor prefixes for certain properties. It's ok to use IDs when they're needed for the sweet specificity they proffer. Utilise the power of CSS selectors like nth-of-type, nth-child, siblings and attribute selectors.